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Web Design and Development in New Jersey

You can never get a second chance to make a first impression. A corporate website is the #1 instrument used for building up brands and shaping customers’ opinion. This is why it is essential to keep your web-page functional, engaging, and stylish. If you are looking for a web developer in NJ, search no more! Contact Clikz Design today and put yourself on the road to success!


What Sets Us Apart from Other Website Developers

Unlike others, we understand that you need to have a mobile presence to make your business profitable. According to the StatsCounter, 51.3% of the worldwide traffic falls onto mobile and tablet devices. In this day and age, we live in a fast-lane. Consumers are always on the go and do everything online. Thus, mobile version might be the only way your potential customer can reach you. Our specialists know how to make your website design appealing to the mobile audience.

Make Your Site Responsive

In this dynamic world, ability to adjust quickly guarantees survival and prosperity. Optimize your website for tablets and smartphones and leave the competition far behind! Our NJ website design team uses the latest technologies of responsive design to make sure your web-page stays relevant in the rapidly-changing, demanding environment of mobile innovations. Using flexible grids, images and media queries we enable your website to adjust its content and elements according to the viewing device. No matter what gadget your customers use, they will get the same high-level service your official website has to offer.

5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Responsive Design

  • It is flexible

Government statistics show that 56% of adults in the US own a smartphone. Another 34% use a tablet. So if your website’s design is not responsive, it is unable to tend to the needs of more than a half of your target audience!

  • It is user-friendly

We all know how irritating it is having to zoom everything in and scroll endlessly on your mobile screen. Responsive website design uses media queries to determine the width of the browser and adjust the content font size and placing accordingly.

  • It increases performance

If your website’s loading takes minutes, you can wave goodbye to your potential customers. A responsive design optimizes the code of the site, which cuts the loading time to the minimum.

  • Google likes it

The reality is that over a half of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So if your website is mobile-friendly, Google will increase your ranking.

  • It saves you money

A responsive design cuts your management and optimization expenses in half, just because it is cheaper to have one website that conforms to the needs of all devices than to have a few separate ones.

Need a Quote on Web Design in NJ?

Clikz Design is not a cookie-cutter web development company. We offer unique solutions to every client, so we cannot accurately quote your request online without fully understanding your needs. The price on our website design services starts at $4,000 and goes up according to the complexity of the task. Click the button below, fill in the short form and let’s get to work!


The World Wide Web has come a long way over the last 25 years. Frankly, even our experts find that rapid growth to be mind-blowing, not least with regards to the types of websites out there. The internet is no longer just a resource for research or playing games. It is a communication tool that can be used for an array of activities. Frankly, the list of potential reasons behind your need for a website is virtually endless.

Nonetheless, some needs are far more common than others. Here at Clikz Digital, a NJ website design company, we’ve pretty much seen it all. These are the most frequently requested uses:

Business Sites
In today’s climate, every modern business needs an online presence. The company website is the greatest marketing tool at any entrepreneur’s disposal. Not least because it gives customers a chance to learn more about the company and its services on a 24/7 basis. Essentially, the site keeps your doors open to the customer at all times. A productive web design and development can serve many functions for your business. It helps the brand gain authority, reach new clients, shows personality, and set a good impression before a client has even visited the store. When aided by a strong Google presence, it can increase foot traffic too.
Information Resources
First and foremost, the internet is a global resource of information. Many websites are dedicated to this task, whether it’s a generic idea like Wikipedia or something more specific to a certain industry or company. Informative sites can include brochures or guides. Alternatively, they may be Q&A or FAQ resources used by businesses as a customer care tool. Either way, they can be a vital tool that are used separately to the main website. Millions of people use this type of site on every single day and, in the right circumstances, can be an integral part of your strategy.
On Line Stores
Business websites aren’t only a great way to gain the increased visibility needed for offline sales. They can actively generate online revenue through direct sales. Ecommerce is massive business and continues to grow by the year. In fact, many companies now sell their products and services exclusively through those channels. Selling via a website allows you to reach a global audience on a 24/7 basis, and also makes it easier for people to share ideas for gifts. When done right, it can be the most cost and time-effective way to bring greater profits and sustainable success.
Portfolio Websites
One of the many advantages that websites hold over print media is that they allow the user to present various types of media. Whether it’s showing off images, videos, audio, or just plain text, a portfolio website is the best way to express creativity. This type of website may help you land new clients as a freelancer, boost job applications, or help you win awards. Whatever the purpose may be, a well-designed portfolio site will spearhead personal success like no other feature. Better still, it offers a great resource for people to find you. In turn, this may unlock new opportunities without any additional effort from yourself.
Blogs/Online Resources
Making money via the internet can be achieved in a variety of different ways. Advertising and sponsorships enable site owners to gain huge revenue without the need for selling items to the customers. Many news corporations utilize online facilities to build their audience and profit levels. You could too. Blogging is a very popular phenomenon that enables creatives to earn money by providing insight into their lives and passions. This is a new type of publishing, and it can be very lucrative indeed. A great website isn’t the only tool needed for success, but it is the foundation of it all.

Interested in a website-type that is not listed here?
Please feel free to contact us.

Web Design involves several aspects.

The first question that any site owner should ask however is simple: does it look the part?

The best sites are built to grab the visitor’s attention with immediate impact. If it fails to do this, there’s a very strong chance that the user will take their custom elsewhere, never to return. Quite frankly, first impressions count for everything. As a premium web design NJ service, Clikz Design can help you achieve that goal in style (Being from New Jersey, we feel NJ website design is the best).

Individual qualities are important. This is why branding facilities including logos and images should tell your site’s unique story. Still, most internet users are accustomed to certain ideas on layouts and general appearances. Striking a balance should be one of the top items on, the agenda, and that includes considering the navigational properties of the page.

Every decision made during the creative process should be carefully considered. After all, even the smallest aspect could make all the difference. Color schemes should consider the emotional connotations as well as how easy it is to read. Aside from looking good as a standalone item, the site should fit in with other resources linked to the company or personal matters.   

Perhaps the toughest challenge is to ensure the site looks equally fantastic on multiple screens. Online data can be accessed via a range of devices. Therefore, any website developer's strategy should include responsive design for these reasons:
Supports Multiple Devices
According to recent government numbers, 56% of American adults own a smartphone and 34% own a tablet. Responsive design ensures users can access content at home or on the go.
Improved Usability
Through the use of media queries, the width of the browser is determined and the appropriate content is served. This fluid response to various devices makes it easier to navigate and find information.
Increases Performance
Mobile users are always looking for information quickly and easily. Responsive design optimizes site code such as HTML, which improves loading times and site speed, keeping users on site longer.
Improves Google Ranking
Because over half of all website traffic is through mobile devices, Google will actually lower your ranking if the site is not mobile-friendly.

74% of online consumers get frustrated when
irrelevant content appears on websites

52% of online shoppers state that quick page loading is important to their site loyalty

71% of companies targeted by Ransomware attacks
have been infected

A great looking website counts for very little if the user experience isn’t of the highest possible standard. Clients, customers, employers, and readers will all judge your site (and you) on various elements. Therefore, the importance of easy maintenance cannot be emphasized enough.


The demands of a modern website have evolved massively in recent years. Nowadays, it’s fairly uncommon to see successfully static websites. Visitors need to see new, relevant content; without it, the site and company/person can seem a little outdated. You don’t want to call out an expert every time that your domain needs an update, however, which is why a good CMS system is vital. This facility makes it possible to keep the website looking great for years to come, even for a novice.

User experiences aren’t only determined by the on-page elements, though. Modern internet users are very impatient, and everyone can relate to the experience of leaving a website due to poor load times. An even worse situation is when the site is offline, making it inaccessible to the user. Being a web developer NJ, Clikz Digital understands the importance of finding a web host that promises maximum up-time. It also needs the ability to perform fast, even when your domain gains heavy traffic.

In addition to high speeds and minimum downtime, your site needs to be supported by suitable security at the back-end level. Sadly, one breach of data protection could sabotage the relationship with a user forever. Furthermore, that negativity is likely to spread, preventing the development of future links too.

Website Development Tips & Hacks

Creating a responsive website that captures and retains the user’s imagination isn’t easy. To unlock the very best results, then, it’s imperative that you do something a little out of the ordinary. Strangely, the best thing you can do is start the process by turning the computer off.

Web designs require planning and preparation. This is why you should get ideas and visions on paper before even thinking about the process. After all, it’s easier to rectify an issue at this time rather than upon completion of the site building process. This will encourage you to pay attention to every aspect, such as where to place social media icons – trust us, in the header is a mistake.

Another top trick is to build your website in grayscale before adding color at the end. The site needs to be kind on the user’s eyes. Opting for the black and white approach enables you to add subtle coloring where it is needed without going over the top. Finding that balance is vital, which is why this needs to be a building process. Perhaps the most common error by inexperienced designers is that they build from top to bottom. Putting too much on the page is never a good idea, and working up from the footer is key. It forces you to prioritize content and elements. This means your site will be concise and get straight to the point of answering a visitor’s questions. Blank space will also become less of an issue.

It’s equally imperative to think about the ongoing appeal. This is why the aforementioned Google ranking is vital. With the right CMS platform, boosting SEO strategies with keywords and other tools is very simple. Another top trick is to play an active role in the online community as it will help the website grow in popularity at a far quicker rate.

A lot of work is involved, but it will be worth it.

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